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Natural leather maintenance method

For better skin care, note the following:

– Always take your skin well. If the flowers and dirt remain on the skin, it will spoil it over time.

– Avoid skin contact with sharp objects and winners.

– If the poured material that does not wipe with a damp cloth, with a soap and a sponge, gently slip over the surface of the skin and remove the stain, and then dry the skin with a dry cloth.

– If excessive debris is made on the skin, do not try to remove it as it may harm your own skin.

Every month, once a month, grease your leather products with wax. Leather wax is a special material made for this product and you can buy from our store. Oral wax, in the long run, causes the skin to become wrinkled.

– The leather is moldy in moisture, so do not keep it in a place where it is very wet. Never hold leather in a plastic envelope because it does not dry the moisture in the leather product.

– It is best to wipe the skin with a good night, and keep it in place and keep it until morning. The leather that has just been wiped off and has not yet been eaten by waxes quickly absorbs and damages hazelnut during the day. In addition, the color of the leather is dark and cloudy.

– Be careful not to spray on perfume or leather. Aroma and spray have substances that make some materials on the surface of the processed leather break down and ruin it.

– Never let the skin eat too much sun. To keep the leather in your house, put it in a comedy away from sun and dust.

– If you do not want to use your clothes and leather for a while, fill it in with the newspaper so that it does not damage its appearance.

– Do not touch your leather items if your hand is impregnated with moisturizing cream or cosmetics.

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