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What is the forower symbol?

“Foruhar” or “Farkani Symbol” or its main name “Farahvahar” is originally the name of the Aryan “soul” in Arabic. More than four thousand five hundred years ago, when almost all the tribes of the planet were idol worshipers, and all the human existence was considered to be this earth and mortal, just at that time, the ancient Aryans believed that man other than the body of the earth It has a soul and after death it is separated from the mortal body and goes elsewhere and continues its life. Zoroastrians called this place after the death of the soul “astrologers”.

The name that the Aryans chose for what we call the spirit today is Farah-yeah, and the dating of Foruhar’s badge dates back more than four thousand years ago, and interestingly, the Aryans’ belief in the existence of Foruhar (Soul ) Returns before the birth of the great Zarathustra, and this is a very proud one.

The rocks of the Achaemenid kingdoms in the Persepolis palaces and the Sassanid kingdoms are all illustrated.

According to the Zoroastrians, “Forouharah” came to Earth on a yearly basis and brought the heavenly blessings, and on the thirteenth day of Farvardin they returned to the heavens, so the Aryans passed the night of the last Wednesday of the year to the top of the hills and turned on The fire held a magnificent ceremony and they were welcomed by “Farah-e-yehah” (Wednesday), then on April 13th, Farvardin went to the plains to celebrate the feast (thirteen Badr).

Concept of Foruhar Logo

a. An old-fashioned elderly man with a white beard, with a lot of experience and knowledge, stands steadfast and firmly upright.

b- Covered with a hat with a hat of slopes in the form of a ridge of mountains, it is a sign of the stewardship to the east (east), worshiping Zoroastrians toward prayer. The sun is rising to the east and light and bright.

c. There is a ring in the left hand, which is closer to the heart and shows him in a covenant with God.

) Iranians were the first people to know the characteristics of the left hand and the proximity to the heart, and then they left the same circle as the Romans and then the world as a pledge of engagement rings.

d. The wings arched show the two bird’s hands, which has 3 rows of wings that are flying with all its being and is a sign of thought, speech and good deeds. A perfect man must always fly with these three specialties and from Avoid falling into shortcomings.

e. The ring that this aging man has in common (waist circumference) is the sign of this earthly world that all human beings have no choice but to pass through it, and one day the world will rejoice (the ancient Iranians have since realized that they were around the earth) )

f. The tail of the bird below is indicative of bad thoughts and speeches and bad deeds that a perfect person must put it down.

g- The bird’s two bites are shown in the form of two ring strips that are in the form of the cham (meaning) of my spente (good force) and my anger (the evil force) of mankind. The perfect man must choose with my will and authority. And fight with Energetics. Now, we see that our fathers and ancestors had a sense of every kind of symbolic meaning and we should not be indifferent to them.

Faravahar or Farohar

The faravahar is one of many vital symbols in the Zoroastrian religion.  Each part of the faravahar has a significant meaning.

a)The Faravahar’s face represents the  face of human being, and therefore shows a connection to mankind.

b) The faravahar has two wings, each of which has three main feathers.  The feathers indicate three things, “good reflections”, “good words”, and “good deeds.”

c)The lower part also consists of three parts.  The meaning of these three feathers are opposite to that of the wings.  The represent “bad reflections,” “bad words,” and “bad deeds.”  This will bring misery and misfortune to humans.

d) There are two loops on the Faravahar.  One on each side.  They represent “Sepanta Minu,” and “Ankareh Minu.”  The former is directed toward the face and the latter is located at the back.  It indicates to us that we must look forward for the good in life, and turn away from the bad.

e) There is a circle in the middle of the Faravahar’s trunk.  This symbol indicates that our spirit is in a way endless, having neither a beginning, nor an end.

f) One of the hands on the Faravahar points upwards, showing that we have to struggle to prosper.

g) The other hand holds a ring.  Some interpreters consider that it is perceived as the ring of covenant. This ring represents loyalty and faithfulness.

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